Has Fox Traded the Rights to ‘Fantastic Four’?

After much promotion that only led to a box-office disappointment, Fox has been rumored to be sending the rights to Fantastic Four back to Marvel. Should the rumor prove true, the new addition would allow Marvel to include the Fantastic Four in its MCU and thus better coincide with the comics that include the Fantastic Four. The heroes make appearances in the Civil War and Infinity Wars books (two of Marvel’s mega-films coming out over the next few years), and this proposed acquisition could be what the doctor ordered for bringing the Fantastic Four back into the mix before with a suspected feature film in 2020. Marvel announced three untitled films that are projected to released at that time. It’s also rumored that Fox is including the rights to Galactus, Doctor Doom, and the Silver Surfer in the trade with Marvel.

The rumors state that in return, Fox would be getting the television rights to the X-Men. This comes a day after Fox anncouned that it is developing two new TV series that will be based on various X-Men characters, though no mention of who exactly has been released.

Can Marvel save the Fantastic Four franchise? Chances are fans will have to put up with yet another reboot a few years from now, but perhaps with the property back into the creator’s hands will bode well for Reed Richards and company.


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