Hasbro Toy Teases How Han and Chewbacca First Meet in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

This past weekend in New York the toy world was treated to previews of almost every single major toy brand’s 2018 offerings, and one reveal from Hasbro has possibly spoiled a major moment from Solo: A Star Wars Story. Considering that this may be a movie SPOILER, you should only proceed if you aren’t concerned about Solo spoilers.

Here’s a non-spoiler Solo toy image to serve as a buffer:

Ok, so for those of you who came for the spoiler reveal let’s get down to it. It’s pretty common knowledge that Star Wars fans are going to see how Han and Chewie first met in the Star Wars universe in Solo: A Star Wars Story, but it’s not clear how they will meet. I speculated a few weeks ago that the film may use parts of Star Wars Legends that have dealt with Han and Chewie’s fateful first meeting, which typically have Han saving Chewie from Imperial imprisonment in some form or fashion. It wasn’t clear if Disney and Lucasfilm were going to go that route, but now thanks to a new shot of a Hasbro toy set based on the movie, it appears that the studios are borrowing parts of the Legends tales to craft the beginning Han and Chewie’s lifelong friendship.

If you look at the image of the toy set above, it’s pretty clear that Han and Chewie have been incarcerated. Just look at the broken chains around their legs. I must also point out that Han appears to be wearing Imperial armor, in fact, it’s very similar to the armor General Veers wore in Empire Strikes Back. To me, this means that Han gets locked up for doing something while still in the Imperial academy. I’m guessing this is a result of him stating that he got kicked out of the Imperial Academy for having a mind of his own.

Han’s armor seems very similar to Veers’

So Han must end up in the same prison camp as Chewie. Maybe they’re cellmates, or maybe they work on some sort of chain gang together, but it’s clear from the toy image that the two break free from their bonds and probably have to crawl through a ton of muck to fully escape their bondage. The toy set is more than likely depicting their actual escape (note the broken chains), which in turn explains how the two become lifelong pals.

I’m kind of glad we have this toy set to speculate over, because I wasn’t sure based on the trailers if we would actually see Han and Chewie’s first meeting to find out why the Wookie pledges a life debt to Solo, but now it seems pretty clear that we will see this iconic exchange. I also dig that it is seemingly following a bit of the Star Wars Legends that have touched on their friendship, albeit with a few tweaks to make it work for the silver screen.

Stay tuned for more Solo: A Star Wars Story speculations and updates!


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