Yesterday the NCAA finally made some comments in regards to Jim Tressel’s transgressions that will probably end up costing the Buckeyes their 2010 season, and possibly much more.  In a letter to OSU the NCAA basically said that Jim f*cked up royally by not disclosing what he knew about his scumbag players involvement in the tattoo parlor scandal.  The NCAA really isn’t stating anything new, but their threat of Tressel committing “potential major violations” should punch every Buckeye fan in their guts, and finally force them to realize that their blind faith in The Vest may have to be reevaluated.

I’m an OSU Alumni and a regular supporter of Buckeye athletics, and when this story first broke I too felt like sticking my head in the sand with the hopes of it going away.  Unfortunately, as time marches on and more details get leaked about this story I can no longer sit idly by and pretend that Tressel deserves a second chance.  I truly feel like he’s a wonderful coach, and what he’s done at OSU over the past 10 years is nothing short of stellar, but this scandal has given him and OSU a bigger black eye than they can afford to have.  Like I mentioned before it’s pretty much a forgone conclusion that the Buckeyes will forfeit the 2010 season for knowingly starting ineligible players, but I have a feeling that the NCAA won’t stop there.

If OSU doesn’t end up firing Tress I think the NCAA will take it upon themselves to make an example of the coach and the school.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Buckeye Football program is stripped of some valuable scholarships, as well as possibly being banned from Bowl play for a set amount of time.  If you still don’t think what Tressel did was wrong you’re an obvious Ohio State Buckeye Fanboy who needs to come back to reality and face the fact that your once Christ-like coach is a lying sack of sh*t!  With what has been exposed in this case in regards to Tressel’s integrity how can anyone believe him again?  How can new recruits believe what he tells them?

At this point I think Jim has damaged the program to the point where it’ll take a few years to recover.  Buckeye fans will need to get used to the fact that our beloved Football team won’t be winning 10 games a year, beating Michigan, and contending for a National Title year in and year out.  Tressel’s attempt to deal with the tattoo scandal on his own will be the most epic fail of his life.  The sad thing is, he’s a fantastic coach and proven winner, so I’m sure if OSU does sever ties with him another program will pick him up and benefit immediately.  It’s an awful scenario for a Buckeye fan to think about, but at this point it has to happen.

The only way for the NCAA spotlight and Major Sports News Agency’s focus on OSU to stop is if the school dumps him.  I’m sure just like me, the rest of you Buckeye fans never would’ve dreamed in your wildest imaginations that Tressel’s OSU career would end in a firing, but that scenario becomes more real each day.  It is OK to feel upset at the man we’ve all considered to be one of the greatest OSU coaches of all-time.  He deserves your hate.  He took your trust in him to do the right thing and sh*t all over it.

Enough is enough OSU!  I would love for Tressel to stay too, but to make things right in the Universe he has to go.  At least we won’t have to worry about tailgating next season!  You’ve been hoping that someone named Urban is in better health just in case Jim Tressel gets the boot…

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