Yesterday, an absolutely psychotic game starts making huge waves on social media, virtually out of nowhere. People who have never heard of it caught wind, watched the trailer, and were left in complete shock. People are not amazed by how it looks however, they were instead amazed that such a title could actually come to be. Disgusted that something like this was actually made by real human people.

Hatred is the game in question here. It is incredibly rare that a game releases and becomes so controversial that it earns itself an Adults Only rating. In fact, one glance at this wiki link shows that only a handful of games have gained the rating, with the most high profile of course being GTA: San Andreas, thanks to its Hot Coffee mini game. Even that was later patched out to bring the game back to a M rating. Hatred, however, faces the issue that its whole premise is based around its potential AO rating. Is this though a serious problem, or a chance to get some real publicity?

The game’s website gives a brief description of what the game is, and why this insane person is doing the horrific things he is doing. Before I explain this in further detail however, I would highly recommend watching the trailer above to get an idea of what the game entails if you have not already.

The developers at the appropriately named Destructive Creations state that Hatred is a game about killing innocent people for the plain reason of hating them. No reason is given beyond this, though the developers also refer to the title as a horror game, with the only difference being that you are the horror. In a world where games already have a bad name, is a title such as Hatred something that we really need? Well really, that depends who you are asking.

Personally, I felt incredibly mixed reactions when watching the reveal trailer for Hatred. Initially, I was shocked and disgusted by how much detail had gone into the ensuing madness. The ability to mow down law enforcement and innocent civilians for the sake of mowing them down just confused and saddened me. The other side of me, however, was insanely impressed. Hatred may come across as a mindless game based on killing, but the fact it has managed to cause such uproar and how the developers have not held back has to be something to be commended for, no? I find Hatred both intriguing and worrying, but then again, I know I do not have the urge to begin recklessly slaughtering people after playing a game, so the worrying part only refers to the game’s premise.

I find the idea of a game where players are not limited in their destruction to always be fascinating, but if that game has no real meaning then what purpose does it have? When watching Hatred‘s first trailer, I felt a strong connection to Max Payne since that too offered up gameplay where killing was merciless. However, it was not as unsophisticated or as unwarranted as Hatred appears to be. At least Max had reasons for going on his rampage against those that did him wrong. Max Payne was a brilliant tale full of emotional goings on that simply worked, Hatred can never have a reason for what it is doing, no matter its motives.

When I say it cannot have a reason, I truly mean it. No matter what has happened to the freak you play as in Hatred, there can be no excuse for mowing down innocent people. This, for me makes, Hatred an inexcusable game of mindless violence, the likes of which just does not bode well these days. My post may sound as if I am fully against the title, but the truth is, I am not. Though I feel more should be revealed in order to appease those who were upset with what has been shown so far, I find it brilliant that a developer would allow itself to push the boundaries way over the line.

I would be lying if I said I will not do my damnedest to get my hands on Hatred. As I said, it will not turn me into a crazed killer, and the difference between the video game and real world is in no way blurred to me. The single fact that Hatred has caused such a stir is more than enough to have me intrigued, and I will follow the title through its development. Nevertheless though, if Hatred does miraculously get a release, I will be very surprised if the launch goes by quietly without a hitch.

What do you think to the violent new project? Is it too much? Or does its madness have you hooked?

It’s still early days for Hatred yet, but you can guarantee we will have you covered as more on the title gets released. In the mean time, check out the reveal trailer and our gallery of screen shots from the game below. Be sure to also check out Ana’s view on Hatred here. 


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