Hatred Interview: A Calm Talk With Destructive Creations

Hatred, the game from Destructive Creations has so far come across as a very interesting title. Whether you like what the team is doing or not, there is little denying that the game has caused massive waves in the gaming world. Hatred focuses on killing innocents in horrific ways, in a truly bleak world with seemingly no reason to live at all. It almost seems as if Destructive Creations wants to purposely upset people with its game, and so this interview aims to clear up what Destructive Creations wants to achieve with the game once and for all. I would like to again thank Przemyslaw Szczepaniak, Business Development Manager at Destructive Creations, for his time and answers. Check out the full interview below!


OH: Hello there, firstly I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to discuss Hatred, and the concept behind it. With such a controversial game, there must be a lot to discuss so I appreciate you taking the time out to respond to us here at Entertainment Buddha.

Przemysław Szczepaniak, Business Development Manager: Hello, thanks a lot for contacting us! Yes, the discussion is really wide and it outgrew our expectations. It will be really great to show up at your site and answer some questions.

OH: Without further adieu, for the sake of those who do not know what Hatred is, can you please give a quick explanation on the game?

P. Sz: Hatred is an isometric twin-stick shooter in which you take on the role of an Antagonist who is full of hatred towards humanity. His only aim is to take as many people to the grave as possible and die spectacularly.

OH: What was it that made you want to make Hatred? What was the main inspiration for the game?

P. Sz.: Our CEO is a huge fan of the first Postal game, and he always wanted to make something similar but much more serious and creepy, just a misanthropic, sad and evil creation. So he came up with the idea one day, and here we are.

OH: Leading on from this question, would you say your own beliefs factor in on what Hatred actually stands for?

P. Sz.: There is no religious or political ideology behind the game if that is what you mean. We simply stand against the policy of gaming market, where you are being forced as a developer to do games you don’t really like. We also became defenders of freedom (a bit by coincidence), but that was a mix of factors connected with the Steam Greenlight ban and approval. Market cannot force developers to make games they don’t like, this led us to produce Hatred that stands against everything and anyone.

OH: Unfortunately, for whatever reason not much is known about the very troubled antagonist gamers play as, could you shed some light on his situation?

P. Sz.: The game doesn’t reveal his story, we will also not do that :) He is full of hatred towards humanity, he is a psycho with a gun and will to die spectacularly. We want to leave those questions to players’ imagination.

OH: Is a female character in the cards? If not, then why was a male specifically chosen for the role?

P. Sz.: No, we didn’t plan to create a female character. We chose male but we could have chosen female if the game concept would be created in a way that female character would work best with it.

OH: Can you tell us some more about the locations featured in the game, can we expect interactive environments?

P. Sz.: You will be able to destroy almost everything in the game like parts of buildings (doors, windows, walls), cars. You will also be able to drive them or enter almost any building and sometimes find some useful items there.

OH: Supposedly Hatred is a free-roaming game, does this mean gamers will potentially be able to wipe out all life on each of the 7 levels?

P. Sz.: Yes, exactly – of course if the player survives those 7 levels :)

OH: We have seen the killing of all types of people, does Hatred also include the killing of animals?

P. Sz.: No, there are also no children, sex, etc.

OH: Roughly how many hours of gameplay do you expect Hatred to have?

P. Sz.: We estimate around 6-8 hours of gameplay.

OH: Hatred has obviously received a lot of bad press for the whole idea behind it, do you think the bad press is in anyway warranted? What was your expected reaction to its announcement?

P. Sz.: We knew that there will be some noise in media, but what happened just outgrew our expectations. We also learned that there is no such thing as bad PR :) Bad press helped us much more than we’d ever imagined.

OH: With the current state of the world, do you think your timing for Hatred was good? Considering recent tragedies like the Charlie Hebdo shootings, do you see any relation to your game?

P. Sz.: There are no relations to real events or people, and if you or others think that there are any, it is just a coincidence. We only wanted to make a fun, shooting game with the atmosphere of first Postal and many other games from good, old times.

OH: Were you surprised when Hatred was removed from Steam Greenlight or was it something you sort of expected?

P. Sz.: That was actually a bit odd and shocking. Our game isn’t any more violent than other games released on Steam. We had a backup plan, but without Steam it would be a bit more difficult to distribute Hatred. Luckily, Gabe reminded everyone what gaming and Steam is all  about.

OH: When you were bringing your studio together, was their any backlash from people who you wanted to take part in Hatred‘s creation?

P. Sz.: Well, we are a team that from the beginning wanted to make Hatred, a game created on our own rules, there was no hesitation about it.

OH: Does everyone in the studio have the same mindset on Hatred?

P. Sz.: Yes of course, it would be weird to be working with people who don’t really like Hatred idea or have a very different point of view on many things.

OH: Is there anything you can tell us about Hatred that people might not be aware of?

P. Sz.: Well, we don’t want to spoil what happens at the very beginning, we want to leave some neat stuff for the game release. Many cool stuff has already been revealed in trailers or interviews. Lots of people in their discussions have many theories and some of them are false but some are accurate. We don’t really hide anything, but when it comes to gameplay we won’t tell much more than we already had.

OH: You must have a lot to focus on with Hatred right now, so I will leave you with this one last question. Once again though, thank you so much for the chance to interview you about Hatred.

P. Sz.: Not a problem, thanks a lot for the interview too!

OH: Why do you think that Hatred deserves to be a game that gamers should have the chance to play?

P. Sz.: Hatred gives you a totally different gaming experience from the games you are used to playing nowadays. You play as a bad character who hates everyone. It’s a dark misanthropic twin-stick shooter in isometric view. Not many games like that are seen every day. It’s a great shooting fun with various types of free roam locations. A great physics and a lot of destruction will give you a great time there!


Those interested in checking out Hatred can head over to Steam to view its page.

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