Hatred, the game that purely centers around the mind of a total psychopath, has finally become available to pre-order, and no it hasn’t been toned down. Whether you hate it or love it, Hatred is certainly making some serious waves on the gaming scene. The game was initially on Steam Green Light but swiftly taken down, and then put up again thanks to the lord of PC gaming and Valve head honcho Gabe Newell.

Hatred is not the kind of game you can expect to go pick up at your local game store anytime soon, but it is available to pre-order on the game’s website across 2 editions. The first being a standard edition with a soundtrack, and the second being the latter with a t-shirt included as well. If you hope to buy the second edition however then it should be a priority to order sooner rather than later since it is limited to just 1485 units.

Checkout the points below detailing the kind of game you can expect, as well as a batch of 10 new super violent screens.

  • An isometric twin stick shooter.
  • 7 free-roam, diversified locations.
  • Innovative technology giving a possibility to destroy almost any environmental elements on the way.
  • Wide arsenal of guns and items of destruction.
  • Unreal Engine 4 PhysX system boundaries pushed to the limits
  • Easy to learn but hard to master gameplay with elements of tactics and side quests.
  • Black & white visual style of the game emphasizing the atmosphere of doom.

Hatred will be releasing in the second quarter of 2015 exclusively on PC, click the link to pre-order and be sure to check out the new trailer above.



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