Hauppauge Announces HD PVR Rocket, Geared for Mobility

HDRRecording, streaming and commentating have become wildly popular facets of the video game world as of late and Hauppauge is looking to revolutionize the way gamers record with their newest product – the HD PVR Rocket.

Hauppauge has made a name for themselves as the world’s leading HD recorder company, thanks largely in part due to the enormously successful HD PVR line.

The HD PVR Rocket aims to be the next big thing in HD recording, bringing unparalleled mobility to the market. At less than 5 grams, the Rocket is light and easy to transport, making recording for the PlayStation, Xbox and PC families in crisp 1080p a breeze.

The Rocket features a built-in audio mixer, as well as a USB port that gamers will be able to utilize for all of their recording needs.

The audio mixer on the HD PVR Rocket allows for no-frills audio recording. Gamers can plug a microphone directly into the Rocket’s mounted microphone jack, allowing for seamless recording of both game audio and commentary. Thanks to the HD PVR Rocket’s volume control channel, those using the device will be able to seamlessly adjust commentary and audio settings on the fly.

Upon completing a recording, Hauppauge’s Windows application, Hauppauge Capture, allows users to easily upload their footage and commentary to YouTube efficiently and easily.

Not only is the HD PVR Rocket easy to use and transportable, it also offers near limitless functionality with all current systems. Game systems that utilize HDMI inputs or component video can be recorded with the HD PVR Rocket – including the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, WiiU, and PC.

Hauppauge is aiming to usher in a new age of HD recording with the HD PVR Rocket, focusing on mobility and ease of use. Starting November 15th, the HD PVR Rocket will be available at Best Buy retailers stateside and in Europe.

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