HBO Aired 3-Seconds of a Lame Game of Thrones Season 8 Clip

This post is a definitely a case of the “everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn’t we?” mantra, because after my own review of HBO’s 2019 sizzle reel trailer, the Game of Thrones finale clip is the definition of a nothing burger. I’m all about pop culture hype and getting excited over nothing, but the Internet got this one wrong today.

HBO put out a trailer to tout new shows and new seasons of its existing shows coming out in 2019, and it featured clips from past seasons of said shows, as well as new clips from the same shows. Amongst them are a smattering of Game of Thrones clips from its seventh season, as well as what many are describing as a new clip from its final eighth season.

This clip pops up at the 1:10 mark and is over in three seconds, and I honestly can’t tell you if it’s new or not. If it’s new I’m assuming it’s taking place back at Winterfell as Jon returns after being away for a good amount of time to woo Dany and King’s Landing to his cause. He seems a bit happier to see Sansa than she is to see him, because she does offer an odd look as they’re embracing, but I figured by now she got over Little Finger’s whispers and would be more trusting of Jon. If this is a new clip, then apparently she still isn’t down with Jon’s leadership, so it’ll be interesting to see how their relationship plays out over the final season.

If you made it this far then I guess I had more to say about a nothing burger than should be said about a nothing burger, so maybe I’m the dummy here? Either way, check out the clip for yourself above to see if it warrants the type of hype it’s getting today.


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