HBO To Offer Standalone Service

HBO has recognized the mass of consumers who have done away with their cable provider, and is offering a new service. In 2015, the premium channel will offer a stand-alone HBO package for those who cut ties with traditional cable but want to continue receiving HBO.

CEO Richard Plepler spoke earlier today, stating that there are approximately 10 million households that are broad-band only. He did not mention what the cost would be, or date of availability at the time of the announcement, but stated HBO and Cinemax would be offered as a package.

HBO has found success with its app, HBO GO, which allows subscribers to watch HBO shows and movies on their computer or mobile device. Last winter, Plepler stated he was aware of people sharing their username/passwords with those who don’t subscribe to HBO, expressing indifference to what seemed like a major concern. His reasoning being that it was a good marketing tool that could lead to potential subscribers in the future.

With this new move in the time of cable-cutting and internet television, it may only be a matter of time until HBO’s rivals (i.e. Showtime) follow their lead and offer their services devoid of any cable bill. It makes sense that HBO is the first to make this move, as they’re the biggest name in premium channels and have the money and backing (Time Warner) to handle any blowback from other cable or satellite providers.


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