Hear Music the Way Artists Intended

Don’t you love it when you’re stuck at a red light and a car pulls up next to you, blasting a song made indecipherable by distorted bass?

And don’t you love when a friend says, “you just have to hear this song” and then proceeds to play it from tinny computer speakers?

Unfortunately, a track blaring out of cheap speakers in an utterly horrible stream of scratchy, tinny jibber jabber is hardly enjoyable. After listening to any song in this distorted manner, you may never want to hear it again.

But wait, there’s an even worse case scenario: You are that guy in the car, or the friend playing perfectly good sounds out of computer speakers and you are ruining spectacular music for everyone around you.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution — good speakers and headphones!

Music should be rich, deep and intricate — not tinny and hollow. If you’re a true music lover, you’ll want to hear music the way the artists intended. And if you’re not sure where to start, don’t sweat it.

Here’s a starter’s guide to finally hearing music out of real speakers.

Bose SoundLink

Most mobile speakers, like the kind you probably use for your computer or tablet, sound pretty bad; they’re tinny, shallow and flat. But the Bose Soundlink Wireless Mobile Speaker system incorporates the latest in wireless sound technology in portable speakers that provide a robust, nuanced sound that fills the room in a way that rivals high-quality stationary systems.

Plus, these compact speakers weigh less than three pounds and have a 30-foot wireless Bluetooth connection. They’re compatible with tablets, laptops and smart phones, allowing you to listen while on the go without compromising musical integrity.

Bose SoundDock

Just because you’re listening to music outside or on the move doesn’t mean you have to lose sound quality. When you take your iPhone or iPod to the beach or the park, the Bose SoundDock Portable Digital Music System lets you hear songs the way the professionals intended them to sound.

This lightweight system is slim, completely portable and comes with a long lasting – up to 8 hours – rechargeable lithium battery. It even has a remote control.

Bose AE2 Headphones

While you know for a fact that you have good taste in music, not everyone shares your love for GWAR or Nickelback. For those times when you need to keep your tunes to yourself, try the Bose AE2 Around Ear Audio Headphones.

These sleek headphones use unique TriPort acoustic technology to deliver a spectrum of sound, from fully rounded deep tones to clear, smooth high frequencies. Plus, they’re super comfy, so you can wear them for hours.

Whether you’re listening at home, in a coffee shop, at the park or while working out, Bose’s line of speakers, docks and headphones use the latest acoustic technology to create a range of rich, intricate sounds — that actually do your tunes justice.


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