Heavy Rain: Atypical Game Sells 1 Million

PS3 and Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain has sold over a million copies.  For those of you not familiar with the title, it’s a PS3 exclusive that has a gaming formula never really seen before on the next-gen consoles, or any platform for that matter.  I highly suggest downloading the demo on PS3 to see what I mean.  The visuals are out of this world and the gameplay, although not really typical, is quite engaging.

Heavy Rain focuses on four main characters individually trying to solve the crime of the Origami Killer.  You take control of the characters as they try to solve the crime.  Unlike typical mystery games you don’t really run around shooting people, you honestly do mundane tasks like looking out the window, or having investigative conversations.

I know it sounds lame as hell, but just check out the demo and see for yourself.  I do Heavy Rain no justice with my feeble attempt to describe it.  Everyone will not love it, but if you’re looking for a change of pace in your game lineup, I’d pick this title up.  I’m probably going to take the plunge this week as I need something new to play.

To make up for my inability to really describe this game check out the trailer below.  PS3 may not be my console of choice for gaming, but my God how awesome are these visuals?  Everything you see in the trailer is from in-game footage.  These aren’t cut scenes.


You’ve been confused…

Via [Joystiq]


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