Heavy Rain Fans You’ll Get a Kick Out of This Mega64 Spoof

I’ll warn you now, if you haven’t played HeavyRain for the PS3, then this live-action spoof will probably not resonate with you like it will with fans of the very unique game that came out in 2010.  Mega64 does a fantastic job at re-creating some of Heavy Rain’s scenes as well as the gameplay itself in a Jackass style manner.  It’s always interesting to see videos like this that involve unsuspecting people and how they behave when watching the actors who are in on the gag.  Some people act like the actors have some form of AIDS and quickly run away, while others look at them with a sense of hate or curiosity.

In this particular Heavy Rain spoof there’s even an appearance by Tommy Tough Guy himself.  We’ve all met or become Mr. Tough Guy at some point in our lives, especially if you’ve ever danced with the Deer and had one too many Jagermeister shots.  Why do some Males always have to resort to physical violence?  We really are just a bunch of testosterone fueled cavemen aren’t we?  Anyway, if you want to see some videogame comedy that relates to Quantic Dream’s epic game Heavy Rain then take a gander below.  You’ve been loving how the actors in this video behave just like the Heavy Rain videogame characters after you’ve missed a button sequence…


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