Heavy Rain: We’re Playing Movies Now

I think any gamer that has been at it for awhile has always known that one day we’d be controlling characters that look as human as we do in real life.  I don’t know if you remember when “Final Fantasy:  The Spirits Within” wowed movie goers with its amazing life-like CG graphics, but when I saw it I knew one day video game characters would look just as authentic.

That day has arrived.  Heavy Rain, the interactive drama from Quantic Dreams, is pretty damn close to controlling real human characters.  It reminds me of how real and authentic the CG characters looked in that Final Fantasy film.  Heavy Rain still has the [slider title=”soulless eyes syndrome”]Although video game graphics are getting closer and closer to resembling real life, there still is an issue with the eyes on all game characters.  They typically look like there is no soul behind the glass.  Kind of like a doll, or puppet.[/slider], but the rest of the character movements and details are spot on.

After some hands on time with Heavy Rain I am becoming a believer in their interactive drama style of game play.  For the first time you as the gamer are directing how the characters and the inherent story will unfold.  There really is no playing per se, but you are required to interact with the environments and story with various button presses.  The game pretty much plays itself, but you have a big role in how things turn out.

I don’t think any two gamers will play through it the same way each time.  There are just too many decisions to be made for the game to play out the same way by everyone.  The story starts out pretty slow, but after a few hours things pick up pretty nicely.  I’m amazed at how engaging playing a movie can be.  Like I said it isn’t your traditional gaming experience.  This is the first time we as gamers are literally interacting with a movie and influencing how it will play out.

I’m definitely a fan of this new form of game play.  It’s a nice change of pace from the FPS and button masher staples of my gaming diet.  I’d highly recommend any gamer willing to try out a new experience to pick up Heavy Rain.  You should at least download the demo if you own a PS3.  It’s not for everyone, but don’t let that discourage you.  Try out the demo today and let me know if you’re down with the new interactive drama gaming genre.

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