Hell Hath Frozen Over! EGMi Finally Gets an iPad App..

Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) has finally made an app for their EGMi digital magazine on the iPad platform.  EGMi has existed in web form ever since EGM’s print magazine came back to news stands well over a year ago, but in a curious decision EGMi wasn’t optimized for the iPad from the get go.  I believe this is mainly due to the fact that the iPad technology is still only a few weeks over a year old, and EGM had already designed the EGMi site before the iPad craze even began.  Due to Lord Jobs’ stance on Flash, EGMi hasn’t been viewable on the iPad because it’s a heavy user of Adobe’s web technology.  Thanks Steve!

EGMi Main Menu

Luckily the wait is finally over and gamers across the Globe who own an iPad, or iPad 2, can now download the EGMi app for free to use on their tablets.  After d*cking around with the app for awhile last night I can say that the end result has been worth the wait.  EGMi for the iPad is exactly the type of experience that I was imagining it to be.  It’s a much more interactive and robust experience than the boring old print package, and it delivers gaming news in a way that gamers will love.  The EGMi app uses a mix of pop-out menus, embedded audio and video, scrollable pictures, and call-outs to bring each article to life in a way that wouldn’t be possible in print.  This is how all gaming magazines should be, and as time passes on I expect more apps like the EGMi one to pop up for other traditional print based videogame mags.

EGMi TOC and Typical Content Page

(Picture boxes are scrollable within the page)

The reading experience looks wonderful in both landscape and portrait orientations, which both have their own brand of formating to take advantage of the iPad’s layout when in said orientations.  Certain pages can look entirely different just by changing orientation.  For example, one page may have a video when its in landscape mode, but when you flip your iPad to portrait the video may be replaced by something entirely different.

Notice the Differences Between Landscape and Portrait Orientations

Unfortunately, there’s only 1 issue of the iPad enhanced EGMi to download at this time, but hopefully each week the library will grow and grow.  You only need an Internet connection to download the mag, so once that is done it’s saved in your library in a similar fashion to iBooks.  Now if you won’t to watch the embedded videos you’ll still need to be connected, but for the most part you’ll have all of the content to look over.  If you’re a videogame geek who can also read, and has an iPad, I encourage you to download the EGMi app immediately!  You won’t be disappointed by its presentation, and it’ll give you a whole new way to learn about your passions for the videogame industry.  I’ve included a brief video demo of the EGMi app below for your viewing pleasure, so check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section below.  You’ve honestly thought that this app would never be available…

EGMi iPad App Demo



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