Hellblade Gameplay Features Swinging Swords

Ninja Theory’s upcoming action title Hellblade has some serious potential when it comes to being a dark video game experience.

Centered around visceral combat and a narrative that explore mental illness, Hellblade is poised to head in a direction that many AAA video games don’t often go.

The game’s potential was put on full display in a recent B-roll gameplay trailer. Throughout the video, Hellblade’s leading lady Senua deals with some serious issues — both in and out of her head.

As expected from a Ninja Theory title, Hellblade has some great swordplay that already seems quite polished. Swords and action, however, are not the only thing to ogle in the Hellblade video. As the trailer progresses, Senua’s world can be seen a bit more. From high mountains to darkly lit vistas, it seems that Hellblade will play host to plenty of interesting locations to traverse.

Hellblade is scheduled to release in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.


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