If there is one thing made abundantly clear by the newly released launch trailer for Hellraid: The Escape, it is that this game features one prison you do not want to be stuck in.

The newly launched iOS title from Techland, Hellraid: The Escape takes place in a prison best described as unholy. Rife with traps, horrible abominations out to kill you and otherworldly spells, Hellraid: The Escape serves as the perfect, mobile primer for Techland’s much-anticipated Hellraid.

In the launch trailer, viewers are given just a small glimpse of the horrors that await them in The Escape. Haunting, shocking and deadly, each second of gameplay footage shown is a wonderful mix of horrific art design and brilliant visuals. Despite being an iOS title, Hellraid: The Escape does not bother to cut corners in the graphical department.

Hellraid: The Escape is available through the App Store now.


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