Here Are Nine MCU Changes That Retcon the Universe

Mr. Sunday Movies has busted out a new listicle video, and it goes over nine changes that retcon the MCU. If you’re unfamiliar with the term retcon, it essentially means retroactively correcting a plot point.

Anyway, the video covers nine MCU retcons, and the list starts with a recent MCU alteration, and that is the fact that it was revealed that Loki was being controlled by the Mind Stone in his scepter the whole time. It goes on to discuss how Gamora was first listed as the last of her species, but in Infinity War it is revealed that half of her species was indeed saved.

It also discusses how the Mandarin character has gone through a retcon or two, and how there technically is still a Mandarin character out there thanks to a one shot.

One retcon that was mentioned I think we can all agree is a good one, and that is the revelation that Peter Parker was the kid Iron Man saved in Iron Man 2. You know, the one wearing the Iron Man mask who is about to get blown up by a robot before Tony blasts him? Yeah, that’s Peter Parker now.

Head on up above to check out the other MCU retcons!

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