Here They Lie Was the Second Freakiest PlayStation VR Game Demoed at E3

At this year’s E3 VR was all the rage, especially for Sony, which had multiple PlayStation VR titles available for demos. A few of the demos were of the creepy variety, and the freakiest one I played was the Resident Evil Biohazard experience, which left me stunned at how immersive the PS VR made the experience feel. That demo was so real I felt sick at times, so it definitely stood out, but so did another horror-like thriller named Here They Lie.

I went hands-on with the title, which should be an exclusive launch game for the PS VR, and found it to be strangely compelling and overly frightening thanks to the trippy psychotic tone it features. At its core the game is all about exploration over action oriented gameplay. You play as a character who wakes up in a world that is unfamiliar to them, so you must set out to figure out where you’re at and what the hell is going on.


This feeling of the unknown definitely adds to Here They Lie’s scariness factor, because with each turn of a doorknob, or with each descent of a darkly lit set of stairs, your mind will start to play tricks on you thanks to the immersive visuals that you experience as if you were the person being followed by some sinister force. You’re not over encumbered with interacting with the environment, or searching for items to pick up, you just walk from one nightmarish scene to the next as you try to piece together what the hell could possibly be going on in the game.

I ended up in an underground subway station, which then started to transform into a never ending hallway, almost Alice in Wonderland style in terms of how your reality begins to warp inside the PS VR headset. This causes almost a too real feeling of fear as you struggle with making the character walk forward towards the unknown, because your mind keeps telling you to turn back and head towards the light. Unfortunately, when you turn back in this game you aren’t always presented with the same environment you just walked through, which again highlights Here They Lie’s strong ability to transport your entire being to its haunting video game world.


The black and white visuals with occasional splashes of red also help to make this game feel surreal and nightmare-like. At times I would be in a stark black and white hall, and then the floor would turn blood red for no apparent reason. The contrasting effect of the black and white world with a splash of red is a very strong visual and goes a long way in keeping you wondering what the hell could be going on, so visually Here They Lie messes with your mind quite efficiently.


I’m not a huge fan of horror titles because I’m a pussy, but Here They Lie is definitely on my list of PS VR games to get when the unit releases. It provides a great and immersive virtual gaming experience, and its setting and tone work well for the medium. If you like being constantly creeped out and having your hair standing up on your neck at all times, then you’ll love getting the shit scared out of you in Here They Lie.


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