Here’s a Closer Look at the ‘Master Trials’ DLC Coming to ‘Breath of the Wild’ This Month

Today Nintendo gave us all a first look at Master Trials, the first DLC coming to Breath of the Wild on June 30th.

Enemies have been tiered up for Master mode. Red Bokoblins become blue, blue Lizalfos turn black, and if, say, there’s a silver Lynel…well, it’s gold now. Gold enemies are among many alterations made in Master mode to up Breath of the Wild‘s difficulty, but that’s not the only addition coming with the DLC.

The video above goes through some new armor available to Link, a Hero’s Path feature that records your journey on the map, the Trial of the Sword, and a few other nifty inclusions. It’s almost thirty minutes of gameplay and conversation, so, hopefully, this can satiate your thirst for more Zelda until the end of June.

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