Here’s a look at The Thing for the Upcoming Fantastic Four Reboot

New set pictures from the upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four have been made available, including a look at Ben Grimm, aka The Thing. Played by Jamie Bell, the new and improved look is a big step when being compared to the rubber suit worn by Michael Chiklis in the first two films. Director Josh Tank chose to incorporate motion capture and CGI to help make it more realistic. Along with picture of The Thing is two new shots, one that shows the team as they begin their fateful endeavor that changes them forever, and another that shows Miles Teller’s Mr. Fantastic on a gurney, presumably after their “accident” since his arms look a tad longer than normal. See for yourself in the gallery below, and check back for more updates before the film is released on August 7th this year.


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via [Empire]

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