Here’s Five Different Ways Avengers: Infinity War Should Have Ended According to This Parody

The How It Should Have Ended YouTube channel has released its parody of Avengers: Infinity War to provide alternate endings for the epic MCU film. They provide five different moments that could have drastically changed the ending, with one of them actually replacing the true ending. The other four moments take place during other key plot moments that also would have fundamentally changed how the film played out.

Two of the scenarios involve quick fixes by Doctor Strange, and they make a ton of sense, while the others mostly focus on the fight with Thanos on Titan. As usual they’re all funny takes on how things could have gone, so head on up above to check out the near 12-minute video. There’s a good part of it that takes place in the cafe, so plenty of other inside jokes about the film and the MCU take place.


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