Here’s How Black Panther and A Few of Its Scenes Should Have Ended

The How It Should Have Ended creative team has released a new “How It Should Have Ended” parody on YouTube today, and it tackles Black Panther. Like the rest of the parodies in this series, it doesn’t just provide an alternate ending for the film either, it also offers up different outcomes for a few of the film’s more questionable scenes.

For example, during the car chase with Claw Okoye gets out of a bullet proof car, which seemed silly when I first saw it, so this video offers up how that scene should have went down based on her actions. There’s also a different take on Killmonger drinking the Black Panther potion that involves it being poison and not the special elixir. The bit ultimately does provide a change for the film’s ending, but it takes place at the beginning of the film by resolving the conflict between T’Challa’s Dad and his brother in a different manner.

Head on up above to see the many different ways Black Panther and its memorable moments should have ended.


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