Wednesday is Microsoft’s Windows 10 event in Redmond, Washington, and there are a few rumors that many are expecting to be revealed during the day. First and foremost is the new Windows 10 user interface, which Microsoft previously teased some of the new features a few months back. There’s been leaks that Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana is set to be included as the search interface, and it’s expected that the company will officially make the announcement during the event.

Also expected tomorrow is Microsoft’s announcement for a universal app plan, an idea that allows a user to purchase an app that works across all Microsoft platforms. This would also make things easier for developers who want to create a single app for a single store.

It’s no secret that Microsoft has struggled in the mobile field, and it’s expected that this market will be the biggest stir of tomorrow’s event. Building a single version of Windows that will operate across tablets and phones is something many Windows users have been hoping for. Powered by ARM-based processors, the single touch interface should make lives a little simpler for the consumer. Microsoft has kept a tight lid on this project, but it can be expected that it will be a mix of the mobile and desktop versions with some updated user interface to keep things tight between their various platforms.

There’s an expectation as well that Microsoft will try to make a bigger impact in PC gaming, especially after failed attempts like Games for Windows. While it has found success with Xbox and Xbox Live, their PC genre has been a bit lacking. One big hope for Microsoft is that they can come through on the ability to allow gamers to play each other cross-platform. It may be in the cards that PC gamers can play online against Xbox One users, and have the ability to start a game on one device and continue it on another.

There’s also a rumor regarding a Virtual Reality headset, it may be something Microsoft chooses not to make public until other events like E3 this summer.

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