“Heroes Never Die”: Halo Anniversary Live Action Tribute Trailer

What would a Halo release be without a live action trailer?  The tradition of releasing a live-action trailer for a new Halo game started with Halo 3, and now that trend has continued all the way up to tomorrow’s release of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition.  This ‘Halo Tribute’ isn’t as fancy, and action packed as the amazing one that was made for Halo: Reach (I still get choked up watching that thing), but it has that same vibe that almost makes you feel like you’re fighting with the UNSC forces against the Covenant.

The old guy giving the speech in this trailer got me so pumped up and emotional that I felt like running outside to stab the nearest bad guy that I could get my hands on.  Not that I wasn’t jacked to play this reboot in the first place, but now that I’ve watched the live action trailer below, I’m fully prepared to kick a*s and take names on my way through yet another Halo 1 campaign run.  I’ve done it what seems like 1,000 times, but I’m more than excited to do it in HD with a little 3D sprinkled in at times.  You’ve been needing a purpose in your life soldier…

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary “Halo Tribute” Live Action Trailer

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