Heroes of the Storm Welcomes Kharazim, Monk of Ivgorod

During Gamescom 2015, Blizzard officially released a few trailers to excite Heroes of the Storm fans. Among them was the reveal of the the first Diablo-themed Support character: Kharazim, Monk of Ivgorod.

Kharazim is a much needed addition to the currently on-going Eternal Conflict event – he’s portrayed as a solid mix between offensive attacks and healing abilities, similar to Tassadar or Tyrande. Given what we know about his abilities, he doesn’t seem incredibly reliable as the sole support for a team composition; however, when integrated properly, there should be no doubt in his ability to terrorize the opposing team.

This is just the beginning of a slew of information Blizzard released at Gamescom, so keep your eyes open for more news!


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