History Channel Scores with The Bible and Vikings Miniseries


This past Sunday the History Channel aired The Bible and Vikings, which are two brand new miniseries that are both worth watching.  Trust me, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed both of these new series, because quite frankly I didn’t believe a network like the History Channel could pull off epic original programming, but they have proved me wrong with The Bible and Vikings.

I’ll start with The Bible, which may not sound like that much fun of a TV show, but it’s actually pretty awesome.  If this was how the bible was introduced to me as a young kid I would have definitely been more apt to study it.  History takes plenty of liberties with the retelling of the New Testament, but they’re the kind of liberties I can appreciate.  You know, things like angels with swords and samurai skills, and a God that kicks ass and doesn’t take names.

The Bible is more Hollywood than scripture, but it still does a great job of relating the tales that helped to shape one of the most passionately practiced religions on the planet.  Don’t think that you have to be a Christian to enjoy The Bible either.  Like I mentioned it’s more akin to an epic Hollywood movie than a Saturday morning CCD class, so there’s entertainment value present regardless of your stance on organized religion.  The Bible airs on Sunday night at 8PM EST on the History Channel.  Check out its official site here for more details.

When your through watching The Bible you might as well keep your cable box tuned to the History Channel because Vikings airs right after it.  To me this show can be perfectly summed up as the poor man’s version of Game of Thrones.  It features a group of vikings who live a normal viking life until Ragnar, a young viking warrior, decides to challenge his Earl on where his clan should raid for the upcoming season of plundering.

Ragnar wants to sail west, where no viking has ever gone before, but the Earl wants to remain east, and since he owns the ships his word trumps all.  This is the internal strife that eventually leads these two to scheme against each other for power, hence the slight resemblance to Game of Thrones, and its many warring factions all vying to be King.

I was also impressed with the level of violence present in this History Channel show.  Just in the first episode I saw a beheading, a spearing, a face burning, and a hook through someone’s throat.  That’s not a bad kill count for a show on cable TV!  Especially on a channel that’s all about documentaries and pawning things for cash.  Vikings airs on Sunday night after The Bible.  Check out its official site here for more details.

You’ve been needing to give the History Channel a chance to teach you history in a more exciting, albeit fantastical way…


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