History Geeks Don’t Forget to Watch Ridley Scott’s Gettysburg on 5/30

Amazingly enough I first learned of the History Channel’s May 30th Gettysburg special while getting my videogame on via the Xbox 360.  Through a partnership with the History Channel and Xbox Live, the Gettysburg special is being promoted on Microsoft’s console through free gamer pics, a theme, and a contest to win massive amounts of technical goodness.  Regardless of where I first learned about this Gettysburg special it should still be added to your DVR, or TV watching calendar for the holiday weekend.

This gritty look at one of America’s bloodiest battles is produced by none other than Ridley Scott who is quite the geek himself.  Ever hear of these small films: Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, and the list goes on.  Let’s just say that the Gettysburg piece that is airing on the History channel on 5/30 isn’t from the typical historical story teller that has to work on a meager budget.  Scott and his partner Tony are perfectly suited to tell the story of the battle that saved our Nation from inner destruction oh so many years ago.  Their Gettysburg piece is said to strip away any romanticized feelings about the Civil War by showcasing the struggles of the many people that participated in this battle that changed this country forever.  It’ll also take a look at the key moments and strategic decisions that a handful of people made that ultimately ended up deciding the winner of the Civil War.

I for one absolutely love watching historical films on the wars that we wage on ourselves as humans.  I thoroughly enjoyed HBO’s ‘Band of Brothers’, and ‘The Pacific’ mini-series, and although Scott’s Gettysburg film is only a 1 night deal, I still envision it to capture the realism of battle that these two WWII dramas did extremely well.  I’m fascinated by what it was like to be on these bloody battlefields, so Gettysburg should be exactly what I need to learn a little more about our Nation’s Civil War.  The only thing that worries me about History’s Gettysburg piece is the fact that it isn’t on a channel like HBO, so some of the graphic violence and vulgar language from the battle will not be present.

Either way, I’m still geeked to watch it, and so should you.  Make sure to check out a preview for Gettysburg below, and don’t forget to set a reminder for 5/30 at 9PM, which is when Ridley and Tony Scott’s Gettysburg will initially air.  You’ve been needing a reason to put your videogame controller down and learn some history…


History Channel’s Gettysburg Preview

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