I was sent what could be one of the greatest use of subtitles in a parody I’ve ever seen.  We all know that there is no iPhone 5 quite yet because Apple announced yesterday that the next model of their super phone would be called the 4S.  Surprisingly, many fanboys and geeks alike took to their soap boxes to bash Apple for not releasing an iPhone 5.  Personally, I think these people are dummies and need more meaning to their lives, but hey, everyone needs to feel like people care about their opinions every once in awhile (this includes myself, hence EB), so they go on forums and troll it up with other a-holes who waste too much time arguing about the dumbest sh*t in the world.

If you’re going to get your panties in a bunch over a new Apple device that didn’t satisfy all the rumors you’ve been hearing, then I at least expect you to cleverly rage out like Hitler does in the parody video below.  I’m pretty sure this douchebag’s reaction is similar to other geeks in the world who are now mad at Apple for not releasing a product they never even confirmed to exist.  Even though Hitler may not be the most popular figure in the world, this video of him b*tching about the iPhone 4S is priceless.  You’ve been hating just to hate…

Hitler Gets Angry About the iPhone 4S


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