Hitman Heads to Bangkok this Month

When Hitman was first announced to be an episodic game, I wasn’t too keen on the decision. Hitman games always seemed at their best to me when they approached free-form murder with laser point precision.

I was wrong.

2016’s Hitman has done an excellent job of keeping the game interesting and rewarding. Each new level has iterated upon its immediate predecessors while also serving as a proper sendup to the first few, truly great Agent 47 romps.

The next chapter in Hitman’s episodic arsenal sends the bar code clad assassin into the tumultuous streets of Bangkok, Thailand. Dubbed the “Club 27” mission, Hitman’s take on Bangkok will allow players to explore a luxury hotel and some pretty scenery to boot.

But of course, “Club 27” isn’t all splendor. One of Agent 47’s main targets is a singer of a band called The Class. It sounds like a Joe Strummer callback, and I expect there to be some grit and punk rock sensibilities juxtaposing the opulence of Bangkok’s premier hotel.

Hitman’s fourth episode will be available on August 16.


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