Hitman is a long-running and mostly beloved franchise that’s currently getting an episodic new addition to the franchise, which will either be completely hit or miss, I don’t know, I haven’t played the first episode yet. What is it with the episodic game thing now anyway? It was cool when TWD did it, but Hitman, I just don’t know, I feel like they could’ve just made it a full game and that would have been way cooler. Regardless, plenty of people  are more than excited to pick up that piano wire again and strangle some dudes, and if you’re new to the franchise, well, I just gave away the plot to every game pretty much. Strangling some guys with piano wire, and some other stuff happens too I guess.

Regardless, check out Smosh’s new Honest Trailer all about Hitman and all of the people you’ll get to meet and brutally murder!

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