Hitman’s Agent 47 in Real Life Short Starring EB Supporter Joe Fidler

Freddie Wong has employed the services of the Action Factory stunt team once again, and this time he even used one of our longtime supporters and friends as one of the leads.  That’s right folks, Joe Fidler has gone from background cannon fodder to one of the stars in Wong’s latest gaming in real life short – Hitman.  In this sanctioned piece Mr. Fidler plays the role of his life in that of a Porno Director, and he pulls it off brilliantly with his long, wavy, greased back fro.

The Action Factory team gets a ton of love in this short as well, with Joe Ross taking an impressive fall into a pool after getting shot up by Agent 47.  Their awesome logo can also be seen on Agent 47 as he cleverly disguises himself to take out Mr. Fidler, the evil Porn King.

I must admit that my favorite part of this short is the behind the scenes clip, because it features Action Factory’s very own Eric Linden, fresh off of filming the 300 sequel, and sporting the official EB hat!  That’s right geeks, our logo is once again in a Freddie Wong vid.  Never underestimate the reach of the Entertainment Buddha Empire!  As Yoda likes to say, “Size matters not!”  Maybe next time the old glowing Buddha will make it into the featured piece!  You can check out both videos after the break.  You’ve been loving when friends and geeks do well in life…


 Behind the Scenes – Hitman

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