Hmmmm… I Wonder How Jenna Bush Got This Job??

Get ready to see some of the worst reporting on national TV ever.  Somehow Jenna Bush landed a gig on the Today show as a field reporter.  OK, it’s not somehow, it’s called my Dad used to be President and my family runs the world, but who’s keeping score.  Never mind how she got the job, I want to know how she still has it.  She looks about as comfortable as Ol’ Dubya used to in front of the camera.  Mush mouth central, a true Texan trait!

I’m really starting to think that George Herbert is the only Bush with some brains in the bunch.  Jenna just comes off as an airhead during this report.  Don’t these reporters read from teleprompters?  Man what a train wreck.  You’d think the Today show was using her as an intern or comedic relief like that fatso Ross the Intern from the old Leno days.  I’m all about Jenna working for herself and not drawing from Daddy’s titties, but maybe she should rethink her career.  Check it out for yourself below, and beware of the douche-chills.  At least she has some looks going for her.  You’ve been given the dumbest report ever from Yellowstone National Park…

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