‘Hob’ Fuses Dungeon Crawling and Platforming in New Launch Trailer

Hob launches today on PC and PlayStation 4, marking the biggest departure from the developer’s standard fare. Runic Games is best known for their work on Torchlight and Torchlight 2, two somewhat recent iterations of the isometric action RPG genre popularized by Diablo. The studio is primarily comprised of ex-Blizzard employees. Behind the wheel is Max Schaefer and Erich Schaefer, co-founders of Blizzard North—both are labeled as the creators of Diablo. As it turns out, combining the gameplay stylings of Diablo with emotional world exploration makes for an intriguing little number.

Hob proposes a lot of questions just from the launch trailer above. The game seems to provide just as many abilities to be used out on the peaceful fields of green (and purple) as there are to be used in combat, and the whole experience is laced with a silent-yet-compelling narrative structure. Just take a look at this screenshot from the trailer above:

Nothing special, right? Outside of the caution exuding from the main character’s animated approach following behind a golem in the distance, there’s not a lot to draw from. But our red-hooded protagonist seems to have both arms at normal size and proportion, as does the golem ahead. As you can see, this is…not the case in the trailer.

Mysteries are already abounding with Hob‘s arrival. To say the least, my attention has officially been grabbed. Are you planning on picking up Hob today? Tomorrow? Never? Let us know down below!


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