‘Hobbit’ Screenplay Has Been Completed According to Peter Jackson

I wrote a few weeks back about the turmoils the movie adaptation of the “Hobbit” has been facing.  Well true to any franchise that has a rabid following I guess most of the rumors related to the “Hobbit” are bogus.  According to Peter Jackson, the executive producer of the film, no filming dates or actor selections have even been made yet because the movie hasn’t even been green-lit by the studio.  The only thing that you can consider as fact in regards to the “Hobbit” movies is that the screenplays have just been finished and delivered to the studio as of last week.

This is wonderful news for Tolkien fans across the universe.  The movie may not be underway yet, but now that the screenplay is official, Jackson expects filming to begin this fall.  For now, any news about actors getting roles in the film or reprising their roles that they played in the LOTR films is false.  Jackson has said that the casting process hasn’t even begun yet, so don’t believe anything you read unless it comes from his mouth.

I’m glad that Jackson has finally made some official statements regarding the “Hobbit” movie.  I’ve been waiting for a return to geekdom and the spectacle that is the Tolkien universe on the big screen.  I know Peter Jackson will do fans right by being involved, and director Guillermo del Toro will do just fine as the director.  Stay tuned for anymore official updates.

You’ve been Bilbo Bagginsed…

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