Holiday 2016 Gift Guide for the Geeks, Gamers, and Film Buffs in Your Life

The holiday season is upon us, which means there is plenty of shopping to do for the loved ones in our lives. We all know at least one geek, gamer, or film buff in our lives, so we’ve cooked up a Holiday 2016 Gift Guide to hopefully allow you to find the perfect gift. The guide will be broken down into gifts for gamers, geeks, and film buffs. Each section will have recommendations with reviews if we have them, as well as links to buy the featured products.

Click on the item name for a review if we have one, purchase links will be clearly marked.

Happy spending!

Gifts for Gamers

Gaming Gadgets

Xbox One S


The Xbox One S sports a 4K Blu-ray player, HDR support, and upscale 4K video, and it’s on sale for just $249. That’s a deal and the perfect reason to pick one up.

PS4 Pro


The PS4 Pro is the only console that can support 4K gaming, so if you have the cash and the equipment, this is the PS4 to get over the standard and slim models. You can grab one for $399 today.

PlayStation VR

playstation VR

The PSVR is a solid attempt at brining VR to gaming consoles. App support will still be key to its long term success, but if you want to get into VR without buying a mega-PC rig, the PSVR is your best bet.

Turtle Beach Stealth VR Headset

If you need a headset that is built to work with VR headsets, then you should check out the Stealth VR from Turtle Beach. It’s definitely a solid pair of headphones for a decent price.

Arctis 7 Headset

If you’ve been needing, or someone you know has been needing a new fully wireless gaming headset, then I have to recommend the Arctis 7 headset from SteelSeries. Pickup one today!

HyperX Cloud X Headset


Here’s another great gaming headset for an even better price.

Fnatic Clutch Optical Gaming Mouse

Fnatic Clutch

This is a great mouse for the serious PC gamers in your life. Pick up one today.

HyperX Alloy Mechanical FPS Gaming Keyboard


This is an awesome keyboard for those serious FPS gamers in your life, so grab one today to give them a leg up on the competition.

NES Classic


Good luck finding this little piece of nostalgia, but if you do you will surely be a hero to whoever you give it to.

NES Classic Peripherals


If you do find a NES Classic you may want to pickup this extension cable and/or wireless controller from Nyko for it.

Video Games

Titanfall 2


Respawn killed it with this sequel, so it would make for a great gift for a gamer in your life.

Dishonored 2

If you know a gamer that loves stealth video games they’ll also love you if you buy them a copy of Dishonored 2.



It won game of the year and is one of the best competitive FPS games out there. Enough said, buy a copy now and give it to a gamer to make their year even better.


DOOM_ Teaser Trailer Still 2_1405510680

This game owns and channels everything great about the DOOM franchise. Hook a fan up with their own copy!

Dark Souls 3


If you know a gamer that likes to punish themselves then there is no better game to give them than this soul crusher.

Quantum Break


This game features a very interesting time traveling plot, so I highly recommend it for gamers that like narratives with gameplay baked into it.

Final Fantasy XV


It’s a new Final Fantasy game, I promise at least one gamer in your life will want to play it.

Gears of War 4

This game is fantastic and definitely sets up the new trilogy to be even more exciting than the original. Pick up a copy today.

Forza Horizon 3


This is a great racing game that looks even better when played on the Xbox One S thanks to its HDR support. Hook up a racing game fan today with their own copy.

Uncharted 4

uncharted 4

It’s Drake’s last go, and it’s easily his best. Go on an adventure with a gamer in your life this holiday season.


Moments like this are what make ABZU so mesmerizing

Cool name, even better game, and it’s cheap. Grab a copy for the artistic gamer in your life.

LEGO Star Wars TFA


This game is great for all gamers, so it’s a timely gift for the holidays so everyone can play with each other while experience The Force Awakens in LEGO form.

Video Game Art Books

The Art of Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 Scorch

An art book for Titanfall 2, pick up a copy today.

8-Bit Art Book

This art book is a great nostalgic trip down retro gaming lane and would be appreciated by the older gamers in your life. Buy a copy today.

The Art of Deus Ex


Another great art book from Titan Books that details the art and worlds of the Deus Ex franchise. Grab a copy today.

Beautiful Minecraft

This is the art book for fans of Minecraft as it features shots of some of the world’s greatest Minecraft builds. Pick one up today.


Video Game Related Funko Pops

There are too many to list, besides, Pops are always great gifts. Order a bunch today.

Loot Gaming

If you have a gamer who also likes collectibles, then you could gift them a Lootcrate Gaming subscription.

Gifts for Geeks



If you have drone lovers to buy gifts for you may want to check out the Vufine, which allows them to see their drone’s camera feed in their own eye. It works for other devices as well such as smartphones. You can pick one up today.

Rosewill Wooden Headphones


The sound great, but look even more unique. Pick up a pair today to add a bit of style to your head and ears while listening to music.

Vizio M-Series 50 4K HDR Display


For the money you can’t beat this value priced 4K display from Vizio.

Art Books

The Marvel Vault: A Visual History


This is a great book that details Marvel’s history from the dawn of comics until the 2010’s with plenty of art to look at and great stories about Marvel’s growth over the years. Grab one for a comic book fan today.



Dr. Dabber Aurora and Light Pen

These two vaporizers from Dr. Dabber would make great gifts for the vapers in your life, as both cover all types of tobacco oils for vaping. The Aurora is a top of the line pen, while the Light Pen is great for keeping you vaping inconspicuously. Both can be ordered straight from the Doc.


New Star Wars Black Series 6-inch Figures

The Star Wars Black Series 6-inch line got a whole bunch of new figures thanks to Rogue One, so they make for great collectibles for toy collectors and subjects for toy photographers. You can buy the new and old figures from Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

Funko Pops

Yeah, Funko Pops fit any category. Buy them all for all the geeks!

Funko Dorbz

Like Pops, Dorbz work for everyone, but they even fit in stockings!

Metals Die-cast

And yes, Metals Die-cast figures from Jada Toys kick ass too! Buy them for your geeks!

Gifts for Film/TV Buffs


Below are a few Blu-rays that are now available. The films may not all be stellar, but the Blu-rays are cheap and have all sorts of added features. Click on the movie title to buy.

Art Books

Aliens: The Set Photography


The title says it all, so if you have Alien/Aliens fans in your life this is a great book to buy for them.

Star Trek: 50 Artists for 50 Years


This is a collection of Star Trek fan art from all 50 years of its existence, and any Trekkie will love it.

Batman: A Celebration of the Classic TV Series

Batman may have looked like a tool in the classic TV series, but it’s still a very important part of the Batman universe, so this book is a great retrospective for the show and fans of the Bat.

Batman: Facts and Stats From the Classic TV Show


Unlike the previous book dedicated to the classic Batman TV show this one is more about fast facts and imagery from the show than a deep look into its production. Pick up a copy today.

The Art and Making of the Flash Art Book


Yet another great art book from Titan Books that features great set photography and behind-the-scenes anecdotes. Grab a copy for the Flash fan in your life.

Arrow: Oliver Queen’s Dossier


Fans of Arrow will love this faux dossier that resembles Queen’s notes and investigations from the TV show. You can pick up a copy for the Arrow fan in your life today.

The Art and Making of Independence Day: Resurgence


Another fine art book for a just OK movie from Titan Books. If anything there is a bunch of great concept art, as well as a section dedicated to the original film. Grab a copy now.

Firefly: The Gorram Shiniest Dictionary and Phrasebook in the ‘verse Review


This is a great book for Firefly fans. Enough said, buy it now.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – The Art of the Film

Again, the movie may not have been amazing, but this art book truly is. Buy one for the DC fan in your life this Holiday season.


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