Hollow Knight Gets Screens, Kickstarter Announcement

Team Cherry, an independent studio from Southern Australia, has recently announced its first project, Hollow Knight. Set in a cavernous underground area, Hollow Knight presents players with a unique art style and interesting character designs in a an engaging, 2.5D action title.

In order to secure finding for Hollow Knight, Team Cherry has launched a Kickstarter for the game, where they are attempting to raise $35,000 (Aus).

Hollow Knight packs an eerie aesthetic, aiming to constantly keep players on their toes as they explore the numerous interconnected areas of Hallownest. Players can expect to find themselves facing a challenge throughout Hollow Knight, pushing their skills to the limits as they  explore and fight through the game’s areas. While difficult, Team Cherry has stated that Hollow Knight will never be unfair, urging players to master the game’s fluid action combat in order to overcome tough areas. Feats, power ups, and numerous secrets and collectibles also await the player in Hollow Knight, rewarding the most skilled and dedicated players.

Accompanying the Hollow Knight announcement, Team Cherry has also released a batch of screenshots to showcase some of the game’s stunning environments and unique characters

Stay tuned for more Hollow Knight updates as they become available.


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