Hollowpoint’s Story Revealed in New Trailer

Hollow point is a really cool, stylish looking game that’s coming to PC and PS4, and now we have a tidbit of information about the story thanks to the latest trailer.

It’s somewhat reminiscent of Black Ops III with the whole technology advancing over the years and eventually making regular humans obsolete for certain tasks. Thankfully, you don’t have to play as an everyday average human, you play as one of a few technologically advanced mercenaries, working for a secretive group of massive corporations, performing badass missions with up to three friends. Fans of games like Shadow Complex (which would most certainly be me) will definitely get a kick out of Ruffian Games’ latest project, with a cool concept for a story, co-op, and fast-paced slam-bang gameplay, Hollowpoint should definitely be on your radar.


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Nathaniel Smyth

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