Hollywood’s 10 Sexiest Female Characters of All Time



Guns and black leather wear well on the sexy and slinky Kate Beckinsale in the Hollywood “Underworld” movies. This deadly vampire is a bloodsucker we want on our side when the werewolves and evil vampires attack. Her aim is on target, and she’s athletic enough to perform many of the stunts herself.

Lara Croft

Lara Croft in “Tomb Raider,” played by Angelina Jolie, made movie fans forget about Indiana Jones. Her super-sexy costumes and daring-do vaulted her into prominence as the best archaeologist you’d ever want to raid your tomb.


Mystique in the X-men movies showed young men that there are other excellent uses for paint besides covering walls. Rebecca Romijn, who played Mystique, is a fashion model who knows how to wear a millimeter of blue well.


Leeloo dropped out of the sky and into Korben Dallas’ cab in the movie “The Fifth Element,” winning our hearts. Milla Jovovich showed the plumbing world that there are other good uses for duct tape besides stopping leaks. If we need a super-hero woman to save the world, our first choice would be to dial up Leeloo.


Many actresses played Catwoman over the years, but none did it better than Halle Berry. In this classic role, she bewitched Batman and gave new meaning to cat stealth and sneakiness. The movie wasn’t a critical success, but it did wonders for making young lads purr around the globe.


For seven years, Sarah Michelle Geller entranced TV fans in her role as the vampire slayer, Buffy. Her sweet and innocent face belied her sexy and amusing ways of ridding the world of all manner of vampires.

Cylon Number Six

The TV series “Battlestar Galactica” gave us the delicious Cylon Number Six, played by Canadian actress Tricia Janine-Helfer. For a machine, she wore her sexy togs well while causing chaos for the Twelve Colonies survivors. Best of all, she could be duplicated as necessary.


Sandahl Bergman gets a nod for her role as Valeria in “Conan the Barbarian.” If you were living in the Hyborean Age, you would want Valeria protecting your flank. As a thief who was handy with a sword, she was sexy and fun to be with after a day of stealing jewels.

Sue Storm

Jessica Alba steals scene after scene in “Fantastic 4” in a tight bodysuit as Sue Storm.

Matty Walker

Kathleen Turner heats up the screen as no other actress in the steamy movie “Body Heat,” playing the southern femme fatale, Matty Walker.


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