Man it’s amazing where technology is going today.  For someone who loves advancement in gadgetry there probably isn’t a better time to be alive.  I find it absolutely amazing to reflect on the technology I’ve experienced in my life, and how far it has come in my 30 years of being alive.  I’d say people in my generation are experiencing the type of advancements in the technology field that the WWII generation experienced with advancements in human mobility.

People like my deceased Grandfather saw the invention of cars, planes, radios, and basic TV’s, which all fundamentally changed the way people lived their lives and continue to today.  We are seeing the same style of life changing inventions albeit ours are straight out of a science fiction movie.  Look at what the Internet has turned into.  Look at all the devices you carry around to stay connected to it at all times.  It really is amazing to experience all of this technical wizardry, which most of us probably didn’t see coming when we were playing with our crappy toys back in the early 80’s.

This brings me to one of the pieces of tech that we have all become slaves to that we probably didn’t even think was possible even 10 years ago, and that is our beloved smartphones.  Think about it for a second!  You done? Don’t hurt yourself trying too hard, but think of how much these things have changed the way we live our lives.  These days if your equipped with a smartphone you can essentially perform any function that you used to only be able to do on a computer.  You can stay in touch with the web, friends, sales deals, etc all in the palms of your hands.

Hell, we even have portable 3D holograms now via the Nintendo 3DS!  We can also document our lives in real-time using the built-in cameras that have begun to rival standalone cameras and video recorders.  In fact, I came across a post on Mashable which featured a few short films that were made only using smartphones.  I was blown away at what I saw, so I had to share some of them with you.

These are all taken using the iPhone 4, or the Nokia N8.  If I didn’t tell you they were from a smartphone I don’t think you’d know the difference.  That’s how professional these things look.  I smell a whole new breed of mobile filmmakers on the horizon.  If you don’t believe me I’ve selected a few of my favorite smartphone short movies to share with you, so you can see the magic with your own eyes.  It’ll make you grin to think that high quality home movies can be made on a phone now instead of those shoulder mountain bazookas from the days of VHS tapes.  Without further adieu here are some of the most creative and professional looking smartphone movies that you’ve ever seen.  You’ve been convinced that smartphones are complete portable entertainment devices…


Golden Harvest – Shot with the iPhone 4 and Panasonic GH1

by TheFilmArtist



Dot. The World’s Smallest Stop Motion Animation Character – Shot with the Nokia N8

by Nokia

(Most Impressive IMHO)



Space Ballon – Literally shot from space with an iPhone 4

by TBFmania

(Yeah this is pretty impressive too)



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Via [Mashable]


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