Holy ‘Lost’: “The Package” Musings

Here I am again, sitting perplexed yet pleased with another fantastic episode of ‘Lost’: The Final Season.  Things are clearly heading to a finish and “The Package”, tonight’s episode, serves as the starter’s gun to a long awaited race to the end.  I will caution you now.  Do not continue on until you want to be enlightened…

“The Package” was another episode loaded with more knowledge.  I’m not going to step into a long winded review, but I would like to highlight some key things I picked up from tonight’s viewing.

In the LA X part of the show Jin and Sun are not married.  They actually seem to like each other, but there are other forces at play that have prevented them from being an open item.  Jin still works for her dad, but pappy ain’t so keen on the help dating his daughter in LA X.  This is why they’re in L.A., so Jin can be waxed.  Oh yeah, the Russian eye-patch guy from the ‘Others’ made an appearance.  The best part is that he gets popped in the eye when Jin shoots him, strange right?.

The best part of the show this week was the action that transpired on the island itself.  We learned that there is another ‘rule’ pertaining to the island.  Who is laying down all of these flipping rules?  That’s what I want to know.  Anyway, this new rule pertains to the MIB and his inability to leave the island without all of the remaining candidates.  He needs them all according to the ‘rules’, so it’ll be interesting to see how things play out.

Another great moment on the island was the talk between MIB and Widmore.  It’s very clear that Widmore knows how to handle the MIB, and this makes the Man In Black very incensed.  You could feel that the MIB is threatened by Widmore, and true to another show theme, the war we have been hearing about coming was declared during their conversation!  Huuuuuggggeeeee!  I don’t know about you but Widmore comes off as a pretty righteous dude after watching, “The Package”.

The next two scenes that I favored tonight involved Jin being taken to Room 23, and Jack really coming off as the number one contender to assume Jacob’s title.  If that’s what’s even going on.  I liked the Room 23 scene for the great trippy messages.  The main point I got from those screenshots was, “Everything Changes”.  It has to be a foreshadow to the end.  The Jack scene I’m talking about is the one where it’s just Him and Sun at the fireside.  Jack is the one character that has literally gone through a complete transformation since the beginning.  He was very Jacobly and nothing like he used to be, very calm and soothing.

Finally, one of the biggest questions of ‘Lost’: The Final Season was answered tonight!!!  Everyone that pays attention to the show in an unhealthy fashion has asked themselves, “Where the hell is Desmond?”  Well he was the package in Widmore’s sub!  Remember the locked door Sawyer saw while he was there?  Yeah, Mr. “The rules don’t apply to me” Desmond Hume is finally back on his own personal Hell!  I think we may have all seen it coming, but it still helped to reinforce Desmond’s importance.  He is crucial to the overall scheme of things, and has always been an intriguing character.  I loved his meeting with Sayid, and can’t wait to see what magic old Desmond is bringing to the fray!

Wow, what a great episode.  “The Package”, although not too exciting in one sense, it makes up for it on the island.  You know what I mean.

You’ve been enlightened…Twice maybe?


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