Holy Nostalgia, New Shining Force Game in the Works

Tsuyoshi Sawada let loose a tasty little morsel of gaming goodness this past week when he revealed that Sega was going to be working on a new Shining Force title.  Man did this announcement take me back to the early 90’s and to the time where I first played Shining Force on the Sega Genesis.  Since then I’ve played this highly addictive RPG on ever system from the Wii to my HTC Thunderbolt.  In fact, I just bought it again for my iPad 2 at the low price of $.99.

OG Shining Force on US Genesis

Anyway, Sawada said that Sega is revamping the series for a next-gen release, but he didn’t really offer any other details outside of that.  If I were a betting man I’d say that more information about this game will be shed at this year’s E3.  I can honestly say that I’m jacked to see where this Neo Shining Force will go in regards to platform, and its gameplay.  Will it stick to its roots with the RTS style tactics, or will it be modernized to feel more like a traditional RPG?  Who knows, but you can bet your as* that I’ll be paying even closer attention to E3 this year than I was already planning.  Stay tuned for more details on the new Shining Force as they arise.  You’ve been taken back to 1993…


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