Holy Sh*t! Snakes Can Fly and They Don’t Need a Plane!

This is no joke.  I’m not trying to get a cheap laugh by dropping some lame snakes on a plane jokes on you.  Scientists have really found snakes that can fly!  Imagine walking through the woods and some snake comes flying at you like one of the parasites from the Alien franchise?  That’s the exact image that came to my mind when I watched this video.  At first I just thought it was some YouTube bozo chucking snakes out a window, or a new form of entertainment down in the South.  But it is legit.  These little slithering suckers really do glide with the grace of a streamer in the wind.  Check it out below, and if you need protection from these things, don’t hesitate to use the Force and call upon Mace Windu.  He’s one bad motha!  You’ve been wondering what will take flight next…


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Via [Gizmodo source The Scientist]


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