Holy Sh*t We’ve got Invisible Tanks!

Watch out terrorists, one day the forces of good may have a fleet of tanks that can turn invisible just like a Predator.  Well not exactly like those “ugly mother f*ckers”, but pretty darn close.  BAE Systems have created a new technology called ADAPTIV, that essentially makes a CV90 tank invisible to heat seeking devices.  It uses a multitude of hexagon shape panels that can match the ambient temperature of its surroundings effectively making the vehicle invisible to thermal imaging systems.  These panels can also disguise the tank as a car, or even a cow!  Damn this tech is amazing eh?  The ADAPTIV tech should be ready to go into production within the next two years.  For a demo of this futuristic camo head on down below.  You’ve been wondering when these things will turn into Transformers…

BBC on the new ADAPTIV Tech

The hi-tech camouflage uses hexagonal panels or pixels made of a material that can change temperature very quickly. About 1,000 pixel panels, each of which is 14cm across, are needed to cover a small tank.

The panels are driven by on-board thermal cameras that constantly image the ambient temperature of the tank’s surroundings. This is projected on to the panels to make it harder to spot. The cameras can also work when the tank is moving.

BAE Systems’ ADAPTIV Panels in Action


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