HONDA: Moving Away From Cars Towards Odd Sex Toys

HONDA, the well known and successful Japanese car manufacture has a new device that reminds me of an anal probe of some sort.  I’m talking about the U3-X, a unicycle looking anal relief pad.  I’m guessing HONDA’s intentions for this product are to help alleviate fatsos from the stress of their own gravity caused by their uncontrollable urges to eat like pigs, but that is just my speculation.

Honestly, I don’t even know if the U3-X will ever make it to market for the tub of lards to use as an alternate way to travel, but I can’t help and stare at the design.  Does in not look like it could slide right up your bum after a rough night of diarrhea?  When I watch the video below, the two Japanese ladies look like they’re riding down the hall while taking a dump on their super duper motorized poopers.  Yeah, I’m immature, but seriously how cool are the Japanese?


You’ve been dumbed down…

Via [Engadget]


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