Honest Trailers Does The Green Lantern In All His Green Glory

Screen Junkies are at it again, and with their latest project they have fully ripped into teen fan-girl favorite, Ryan Reynolds, and his remarkably poor and universally hated role as Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern. In the video, we see some of the greatest cliches a super hero is capable of and realize once more that we have all been watching the same super hero films re-skinned. With that said, that is completely untrue, some are simply just brilliant. Green Lantern however, is not.

Evil might not escape his sight, but there is no running from the awful visuals and terrible story telling presented by the film, and Screen Junkies manages to just about call out on everything wrong with it, in the few short minutes it has with it. Check out the video above to see exactly why the Green Lantern will not be getting a sequel any time soon.

You can check out more of Screen Junkies on their very own YouTube page, and browse more honest trailers right here.


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