Hopefully This Game of Thrones Season 5 Poster is Using Artistic License


HBO released an official poster for Game of Thrones Season 5, and if you’ve read the books it may have you scratching your head as you ponder if it’s of an actual scene from the upcoming season, or if it’s just a case of artistic license. The poster features Tyrion on a ship that is in a deep fog with Drogon the dragon hovering above him, which never happens in the books. Tyrion does spend a bit of time on a ship as he heads over to the continent of Essos after killing his Daddy dearest, but he never encounters a dragon on his journey.

I’m hoping, and guessing that the poster is probably using artistic license to tease the fifth season, but the HBO show runners have changed other aspects of the book in the TV version, so one can’t be completely sure. The dragons definitely have a few shining moments in Martin’s fifth A Song of Ice and Fire novel, especially in the city of Mereen, but they don’t terrorize the little lord on the open sea. Rather they play a key role in two major events that take place towards the tail end of A Dance With Dragons, which will surely shape the events of book 6, if it ever FREAKING comes out.

Those familiar with the books will know that Dany’s dragons not only fricassee a Dornish Prince, but the most fearsome of the three will usher her away from Mereen in grand fashion and leave her in solitude only to be confronted by foes from her past. For these reasons alone I hope that the newly released poster is just a case of marketing wanting to get a dragon into the mix with the show’s most iconic little character. Tyrion has easily one of the most exciting journeys in book five out of all of the main characters, so I hope it remains as close as possible to the source material, because he meets some new characters that will undoubtedly flip the game of thrones everyone is playing on its head.

Although, I could see the show runners rewriting a few scenes that could lead to the moment depicted in the poster, so we can only wait and see how the season plays out when it kicks off on April 12, 2015 on HBO. You can check out the poster in full below.


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