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Global videogame publisher 505 Games will bring a unique and charming pixel platform adventure game, Horace, to Steam for PC on Thursday, July 18. A platforming game at heart with metroidvania-inspired abilities to be unlocked as players progress through the game, Horace invites players to overcome challenging puzzles and defeat difficult bosses while evoking a range of emotions that will leave some laughing, crying and cheering their way through a touching narrative.

505 Games is presenting players with an opportunity to help determine the launch price of Horace on Steam with a simple call-to-action of wishlisting the game from the official Steam page. Four wishlist tiers for Horace have been created, each with a corresponding launch discount reward only activated for players once tier threshold is met.

–Tier 1: 1K wishlists = $13.49 (10% discount)
–Tier 2: 50K wishlists = $11.25 (25% discount)
–Tier 3 100K wishlists = $7.50 (50% discount)
–Tier 4: 200K wishlists – $3.75 (75% discount)

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