Horde Bash Update to Bring Horde Mode Play to ‘Fortnite’

After dusting your shoes off from the Survive the Storm update, Epic Games has yet another update to sink our teeth into. The aptly named, Horde Bash update will update the game’s current, Save the World, PVE mode. This will add a new game mode called, Challenge the Horde. You and three other friends will have unlimited time to build a portable fort to defend against the horde. As you survive, your team will rack up more resources to add to your fort. As you could imagine, the horde will get stronger and stronger with each wave that passes by.

Along with this new game mode, we will be receiving a new even Llama. This new llama will be outfit with four new heroes, nine new weapons and two new Defenders. You can earn the Scavenger currency by completing quests and playing the Challenge the Horde mode. There is a pretty sick trailer to go along with this that you can see above! This update will be live on October 5th so get ready to Challenge the Horde in this latest game update!

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