Horizion Zero Dawn Developers Talk About The World They Made

Horizon Zero Dawn is easily one of the most anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusives ever. From its E3 trailer to this new video the game has looked both beautiful and grand. Today’s video talks about how the developers¬†created a world that feels like it could be very real and alive. With multiple ecosystems including jungle, forest, desert, and snow covered mountains. Each of these small environments¬†will have unique creatures roaming through them plus with the day and night cycle with dynamic weather you never know what you will experience and when.

While this game is very interesting looking I feel it would behoove us to not get over hyped. This year alone we had the issue that was No Mans Sky and while this game has not reached that level of extreme marketing and promise these are the guys who made Killzone 2 which also suffered from trailer footage not being like the game. I hope it’s good just like every game every, just don’t expect a goldmine from a prospector with no teeth.

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