Hostess Declares Bankruptcy: Bad Day for the Overweight Population

Twinkie, Ho-Ho, and other snacky cake fans could possibly be facing one of the worst days in their lives now that Hostess has filed for bankruptcy.  The snack that could survive a nuclear fallout is in danger of never being eaten again now that it’s parent company is facing financial struggles.  When I first heard the announcement I get literally hear my fat cells screaming out in agony over the news that Twinkies may never grace my gut again.

Luckily NMAtv has animated this story for us to really put it into perspective.  Once again their take on the story is beyond bizarre, and by the end you’ll see aliens worshiping a glowing Twinkie as if it were their God.  Check it out below, and if you can’t live without them, make sure to drive your cellulite filled a*s to the nearest market to stock up.  You’ve been glad that you prefer Little Debbie over Hostess…

No more Twinkies? Hostess cakes declares bankruptcy

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